pure randomness

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<p>Ihr Browser kann leider keine eingebetteten Frames anzeigen: Sie können die eingebettete Seite über den folgenden Verweis aufrufen: <a href=“http://www.random.org/strings/?num=7&len=20&digits=on&upperalpha=on&loweralpha=on&unique=on&format=plain&rnd=new“ _mce_href=“http://www.random.org/strings/?num=7&len=20&digits=on&upperalpha=on&loweralpha=on&unique=on&format=plain&rnd=new“>random strings @ random.org</a></p>

thanx to RANDOM.ORG | This work is part of the „140baɪtz“ series. It consists of 7×20=140 characters and is therefore tweetable as is. Persons that can make out a word (proven by screen-shot – min 3 character) will get a mention / repost.


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