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MIND THE GAP now SR-51 on Subspine Records

MK_ultra - MIND THE GAP - CD cover„MK_ultra us the solo musical output of prolific, Berlin-based Franco-German audiovisual artist Enkidu rankX (born 1972 in Saarbrücken).
Enkidu has an extensive curriculum in the field of visual arts as well as music, exhibitions and performances.

Graduated from IAD Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium in 1996, Enkidu has been involved with artists networking organizations such as Einheit_7 e.V. as well as visual exhibitions such as the „Tiefergelegt“ exhibition at the Weekendagllery Berlin in 2002 and the multimedia performance „CONSUME!“ at the Simultanhalle Köln.

In 2000, Enkidu co-founded his first musical output Mr. & Mrs. T. They self-released 4 Albums until 2006.

With MK_ultra, Enkidu explores the possibilities of Glitch music as an extension from his already extensive body of work in Glitch visual art.“

taken from Subspine Records, tnx to DoDD

„Subspine Records breaks the hiatus with the newest release by German Glitch/IDM project MK_ULTRA, MIND THE GAP [SR-051]

We are accepting submissions again and our long overdue release for this year is a fierce 15 track album that presents the erratic aesthetics of Glitch music with minimal techno rhythms.

Listen and download [SR-051] at and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Spread the word we appreciate the support!“

its done!

I present to you: MK_ultra: „MIND THE GAP“

MK_ultra - MIND THE GAP - CD cover

Producing this album was a pain and a bliss at the same time, and you can hear that, I believe. It took me 3 years. Parts of it where recorded in Poland just before a very intense time in my life and it seems this album reflects these very trying experiences I had thereafter. Initially thought of as a 2nd part to the antecedent album-maxi-ep “The Rift” it more and more turned into something more conceptual. It became a story, a dark fairytale and it is supposed to be listened to in one go, as an album – old school. And even if its mood is often grim, it tries to get to a point of peaceful acceptance of the beauty of our existence – it has a very simple message I guess: “Things will not last forever, so do not waste your time and energy.”

I want to thank adamned.age, Thomas, Yola & Thiemo for helping making this possible, and I dedicate “to Kate” to Katja Becker, “lost at sea” to Yola Icho and “this mans story” to myself and all people who dare to make mistakes in their lives. Mostly I thank Sulamith, whom I love, for her beautiful pictures and her patience.

Here are the Infos:


MK_ultra: Mind The Gap (LP-edit)

01 whose side are you on (DOGS II)
02 Elektrizität (NO)
03 wood
04 activation energy (adamned.age remix)
05 Absythetic 3
06 this mans story
07 Arp_80
08 the bells (DOGS III)
09 stepping_6
10 water
11 RiDream
12 the agency of common sense (blue)
13 poly song
14 to Kate
15 lost at sea

02 & 12: Guitar by Thomas from Noob
04: Remix by adamned.age
01 & 15: Vocals by Yola Icho

written & produced by MK_ultra
sound advisor: TMO B.
Cover Photography: Sulamith Sallmann

lizensiert unter creative commons

[2008.07] .:NMI – Neue Medien der Informationsgesellschaft:.

NMI Poster

NMI – Neue Medien der Informationsgesellschaft

8. Juli 2008

Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften

Alcatel-Lucent Konferenz NMI: PDF | NMI-Page

Musik: Julean Simon
Tanz: Ingo Reulecke
Video: Enkidu rankX
Fotos: Sulamith Sallmann

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